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Royal Burgh Of Burntisland

Christmas Lights

In November 2017 the Community Council agreed to take responsibility for providing Christmas Lights in the town; no other organisation showed any interest and there was a demand from townspeople that something should be done.

The Community Council had no money to provide either lighting or an electrician to erect them. £3000 was acquired from the local area budget and this allowed us to make a start.

On examining the old lighting, it was found to be beyond repair and was condemned by the electrician. With a limited amount of money, we were in a dilemma. It was decided to try and do something simple in the few weeks we had available.

The street trees at the Port and the entrance to the Links had at one time been strung with lights which were in-situ, these were tested and found to be defunct as were the connections and power supply. Our electrician advised that he would be willing to re-string some of the trees and replace the power supplies with modern LED lighting which would stay on the trees and should last approx. 5 years.  We had sufficient funds to re-string 6 trees and this along with temporary internal coloured lighting in the Burgh Chambers, which members of the Community Council installed themselves, provided a small but much appreciated display.

Fundraising for 2018

George McLauchlan receiving £357 from Mrs Beveridge

A Fantastic effort by Mrs Beveridge who raised £357, over the 

summer months by making and selling tablet at the showground.

The photo shows Mrs Beveridge presenting the cheque to George McLauchlan. Also present are John Bruce, Carole-Anne Paterson and Cllr. Langlands

One of our Bingo evenings at the Jubilee Tavern

Fundraising by the Community Council for 2018s Christmas Lights, continues apace. Carole-Anne has organised raffles and collecting tins in the Co-op; our picture shows Joan Dewar receiving the £100 flyer prize at a very successful bingo evening hosted by Dave Henderson at the Jubilee Tavern.  Over £400 was raised on the night and a very generous donation by Collieston Briggs of £500 plus a £200 donation by The Burgh Buzz, has given a huge boost to our efforts.

Christmas Lights are expensive to purchase and to maintain so fundraising efforts will be ongoing to ensure that the town can build-up a energy efficient, low maintenance display.

Our target for 2018 is to raise £2500 and we are well on our way to achieving this. If you feel you would like to make a donation towards the fund, go to the Community Council page on facebook or visit www.burntislandcc.org.uk to make a direct donation. Please support our fundraising efforts throughout the year.

A Fantastic effort by Burntisland Co-op

   Presentation of a cheque for nearly £2000, part of the fantastic ongoing effort by the     staff of both branches of Burntisland Co-op.

  The picture shows Carole- Anne Paterson presenting the cheque to George Mclauchlan.

One of our 2018 illuminations

One of our 2018 illuminations

Another new 2018 illumination

Another new 2018 illumination

 Burntisland Community Council. 
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