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Community Award Winners 2021 are Burntisland Emergency Action Team!

Congratulations to all the BEAT - worthy winners of our Community Group/Team Award this year

Congratulations to all the BEAT - worthy winners of our Community Group/Team Award this year

Burntisland Community Council (BCC) News:

Community Award 2020/21: This year, instead of presenting a new Community Award to an individual, we invited nominations for a Team or Group Community Award.

The Community Group Award Winner for 2021 is Burntisland Emergency Action Team. Congratulations to all involved! We had many worthy nominations this year and we thank all who made nominations. 2020 was an awful year for so many. However, BEAT was quickly formed and stepped up to the mark to help our community in its time of need during the Coronavirus pandemic. It continues to help, thanks to the leadership, organisation, and hard work of a group of individuals, including over 80 volunteers. Based initially at the Toll Community Centre and now also at the TCC Hub in the High Street, BEAT works with other organisations, local businesses, and individuals to help make Burntisland a fairer, caring, community. A big Thank You BEAT!

For more information please see the February edition of the Burgh Buzz:


Feeling blue or overwhelmed? There is a booklet called 'Staying Safe and Well' produced by Fife Council that has lots of useful advice, information and contact details. There's a link to it on the Fife ASPC newsletter on our back page 'Governance & docs'. Or click the tab on the the bottom right of this page to read or download it. Don't keep your worries to yourself!

Roadworks: Works have started on Kinghorn Road (A921) between the footway to Duncanson Drive, west of the cemetery, to Kinghorn. This is for changes to permit the construction of a widened footway and cycleway between the two towns. They are expected to last for 58 working days from 5th January.

Temporary road closures:

Kinghorn Loch Rd (B923) between Greenmount Ave North and Kilcruik Rd in Kinghorn: nightly from Monday 22nd to Saturday 27th February between 9pm and 6am.

Craigholm Lane from 8am Monday 1st March to Wednesday 3rd March (except for emergency vehicles and pedestrians.)

Public Meetings: If you would like to join any of our BCC public Zoom meetings, please contact the Chairman or Secretary for an electronic invitation. You can do so by emailing the 'contact us' box on this page before noon on the day of the meeting. Our next meeting will be Friday 12th February at 7pm. Meetings can last up to two hours. The meeting agenda will be posted on this website during the week prior to the meeting. (See tab on the right of this page.) If you would like a topic added to the agenda please use the 'contact us' box. You can also raise a topic at the start of the meeting but it will depend on time constraints if it can be included at that meeting.

BEAT & Covid-19 Coronavirus: If you’re affected by Covid or self-isolating, and need help with shopping, dog walking, or just want to talk to someone: telephone the Toll Community Centre on 01592 872854 between 9am and 4pm or email: communitycouncil91@gmail.com

The Burntisland Emergency Action Team (BEAT) are now based in the Toll Community Centre Hub in the High Street. Those self isolating because of the Covid-19 crisis, or housebound due to illness or disability, and in need of help, can still contact BEAT to access help, and the BEAT prescription collection service has restarted, thanks to volunteers from BFAST (Burntisland First Aid Services Trust.)

We would like to thank everyone who has donated to our BEAT appeal. We continue to receive donations, small and large, and are very grateful for your continued generosity and support at this challenging time. Our PayPal buttons have been removed from our website until a problem can be resolved, but you can donate by cash, cheque, bank transfer or standing order. If you use the 'contact us' box, our secretary will forward your message to our treasurer who will contact you about arrangements. You can also donate to BEAT via the Toll Community Hub in the High Street where donations of grocery items can also be made.

Foodbank: You may be aware that the Burntisland Foodbank is now relocated in the Salvation Army Hall in Lonsdale Crescent. Donations of grocery items or money for the Foodbank can be made via Kirkcaldy Foodbank or grocery items directly to Burntisland Foodbank during opening hours. Please give advance notice of any deliveries and follow current Coronavirus regulations and advice.

Fife Council website: The Fife Council website https://www.fife.gov.uk/ has a lot of information and easy to use features for members of the public to report issues that don’t require the intervention of a Councilor or a BCC member. At this time of global crisis, please be patient. Council workers may be working from home or re-deployed to other departments.

You can contact one of our local Fife Councilors who serve our community and who communicate with the BCC members. Our three local Fife Councilors for Ward 9 are: Cllr Backhouse, Cllr Langlands, and Cllr Leslie. Their contact details are at: https://www.fife.gov.uk/kb/docs/articles/about-your-council2/politicians-and-committees/your-local-councillors 

We are still recruiting for new BCC members: Despite recruiting five new members in recent months, we still have three vacancies on BCC. Members are all unpaid volunteers who are interested in helping to improve their community. If you think you could contribute some of your time and energy in this way, please consider joining us! Members must be aged 16 or over and on the Electoral Register for Burntisland. Use the 'contact us' form below to email our secretary if you are interested.

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BEAT at the Toll Community Hub

Burgh Chambers at Christmas

Next Zoom online BCC public meeting: 7pm Friday 12th February

Above: The Council Chamber in the Burgh Chambers. Below: The Burgh Chambers when it still had its spire and clock.

Above: The Council Chamber in the Burgh Chambers. Below: The Burgh Chambers when it still had its spire and clock.

Burgh Chambers Complex

We have removed our PayPal button because of problems

Donations to BCC

If you would like to donate to BEAT, to Christmas Lights, or to general BCC funds, you can do so by cheque, bank transfer or cash. Please use the Contact Us box at the bottom of this page to email us. Our Secretary will pass your details on to our Treasurer who will contact you to advise you on the arrangements to make your donation. Please supply your name as well as your email address, the amount you wish to donate, and if you wish it to be put towards BEAT, Christmas lights, or general funds. It will be put towards general funds if you do not specify.

Groceries can be donated directly to the BEAT premises in the High Street.

Thank you!

 Burntisland Community Council. 
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