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Piper Play Park

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Hello Burntisland, 

Fife council have earmarked that five of our towns play parks to have their play equipment removed when it is deemed as unusable, which can take years. They will be kept as green spaces for natural play without manufactured play equipment. As this can take time Fife Council have given the community permission to paint some equipment to keep up the appearance of the equipment.

There has been a consultation with Fife Council to discuss exactly what will happen with these play parks and green spaces to give the community the chance for their input. The CC also held a consultation at the Toll Community Centre.

Below are some photos of the conditions of these neglected play parks.

Keep an eye on this page as plenty more to come regarding our play parks in the town, and what you can do to help 

Piper Play Equipment

Duncanson Play Park

 Burntisland Community Council. 
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