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Royal Burgh of Burntisland

Community Council - welcome to our website

Burntisland Community Council is a voluntary organisation, reliant on grants and donations. Please contact Fife Council about their areas of responsibility e.g. road repairs, street lighting, bin emptying, flooding etc. https://www.fife.gov.uk/

Royal Party at Civic Week 2022

Royal Party Civic Week 2022

Royal Party Civic Week 2022

Burntisland Community Council (BCC) News:

Public meetings: There is no public meeting in July so our next public meeting will be 12th August.

Big Green Market: This is organised by Burntisland Community Development Trust And takes place monthly at the Parish Church Halls. Your Community Council has been represented at the BGM on 4th June and 2nd July, and aims to attend on 6th August. We are pleased to take any concerns or feedback that you have.

Splash! Also known as the east Links water feature: This is now 20 years old! Either it will be removed or we can try to help fund a full renovation. Have your say on our Splash Survey. See separate page or Click on the tab top right of this page.

Summer Fair 2022: It's here! The Fair will operate 28th May - 21st August from 1pm to 9pm daily. The Event organisers are the Showmen's Guild, as last year.

Games Day 2022: Exiles Reception and Parade. We are delighted that Games Day will return this year to the third Monday in July. Diary date: that's 18th July! This event is run by the Games Committee, which is an independent organisation. BCC looks forward to welcoming back 'Burntisland exiles' and others to a small reception in the Burgh Chambers from 10.30am until the Parade leaves from there for the Links at 11.45am. The Games will be opened officially at noon..

Elected Councillors: Our three local elected Fife Councillors for Ward 9 (May 2022) are: Cllr Lesley Backhouse, Cllr Kathleen Leslie and Cllr Julie MacDougall. Their contact details are/will be at: https://www.fife.gov.uk/kb/docs/articles/about-your-council2/politicians-and-committees/your-local-councillors (Cllr Gordon Langlands has retired.)

Residents parking permits: These are now required for the following streets: High St (for LInks car park), Kinghorn Rd, LInks PLace, Kirkbank Rd 1-9, East Leven St (3), Kirkgate, Somerville Sq, West Leven St, and for Crestja in South Hill St. Apply at To apply for a permit please visit www.fife.gov.uk select Roads, Travel & Parking from the main screen. Then select Residents parking permits. At the bottom of this screen you will see a button to apply for your permit. Any problems or questions should be passed to parking.permits@fife.gov.uk .

Public Meetings: For the first time since the pandemic lockdown, our public meeting on Friday 13th May was held in person in the old Council Chamber at Burntisland Burgh Chambers, instead of by Zoom. There is no need to book a place to attend an in-person meeting. There is, unfortunately, no step free access to the Burgh Chambers. You should be aware that your CC has been meeting regularly throughout the pandemic but using Zoom to hold public meetings by webinar.

The meeting draft agendas are posted on this website during the week prior to the meeting. (See tab on the right of this page to download an agenda.) If you would like a topic added to the agenda please use the 'contact us' box. You can also raise a topic at the start of the meeting but it will depend on time constraints if it can be included at that meeting. The meeting draft Minutes are posted on this website usually by the Friday following the meeting (see Minutes page on this website to access all recent minutes.)

Cold home or fuel poverty? Home Energy Scotland provides support and assistance: https://www.homeenergyscotland.org/find-funding-grants-and-loans/warmer-homes-scotland/

Fife Council website: The Fife Council website https://www.fife.gov.uk/ has a lot of information and easy to use features for members of the public to report issues that don’t require the intervention of a Councillor or a BCC member.

Active travel news:  Fife Council have almost completed work on widening the existing Core Path across the Links for a shared use Path (pedestrians, cyclists & wheelers). It is hoped this will take cyclists away from using our prom on the Fife Coastal Path route. It will also help improve disabled access. To meet standards for shared use paths, the path is now 4m wide. This is not a road and motor vehicles should not be permitted. We hope it may be possible in the future to link this path to the east harbour route to produce a level active travel route to/from the rail station.


Christmas Lights: We are looking for volunteers for our Festive Lights Group. If you'd like to help Burntisland 'sparkle', either by fundraising, organising, or practically, please contact us. No electrical skills are required and guidance is available.

Community Police: The most recent report can be found under the most recent set of the BCC Minutes on the Minutes Page. Our Community Police are holding monthly public meetings at the Toll Community Centre Hub in the High St. See The Hub for details of times etc.

To report antisocial behaviour, vandalism and graffiti to Fife Council there is a reporting form on the Fife Council website:


Join us: We are still recruiting for new BCC members. Despite recruiting new members recently, we still have three vacancies on BCC. Members are all unpaid volunteers who are interested in helping to improve their community. If you think you could contribute some of your time and energy in this way, please consider joining us! Members must be aged 16 or over and on the Electoral Register for Burntisland. Use the 'contact us' form below to email our secretary if you are interested. We are particularly seeking people prepared to help with the Burntisland Christmas Lights to help maintain and improve our town centre festive display.

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Contact us: Our Secretary will reply to you as soon as possible.




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Parking restrictions during the summer Fair

TTRO notice Fair 2022

Free top up tap Links Place with the rowan tree gifted by the Parish Church

Top up tap and rowan

Next BCC public meeting: 7pm Friday 12th August in the Burgh Chambers.

Above: The Council Chamber in the Burgh Chambers. Below: The Burgh Chambers when it still had its spire and clock.

Above: The Council Chamber in the Burgh Chambers. Below: The Burgh Chambers when it still had its spire and clock.

For practical assistance in troubled times contact the BEAT via the Toll Community Centre

Burgh Chambers Complex

Due to recurrent problems, we are no longer using PayPal. Please contact us to arrange any donations.

 Burntisland Community Council. 
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